Somerset Reindeer


Please see below the selection of available antlers, which can be used as seen on the Sarah Beeny's life in the country, Christmas episode, Dec 2021. They can be turned into chandeliers, candle holders, coat hooks, dog chews and any number of craft ideas.

Some of the antlers have small holes where they have been mounted on show at the Ranch.  They are as easy to work with as wood, (and you would be your dog's best friend if you gave one to them).

Please email us with your choice of antlers and we will invoice you directly. 
This is on a first come first served basis.

Reindeer shed their antlers every year, and they re-grow so we often update this list. 

Sprinkles'Antlers - SOLD

Still covered in velvet.

Harry's - single antler - £100

Twinkle's Antlers - £150

Snowflake's Antlers - £150

One antler shed in January, the second we are expecting any day now.

Comet's Single Antler - £60

Cupid's Single Antler - £60

Dancer's Antlers - SOLD

Available in early February 2022.

Can be reserved now.

Blitzen's Antlers - £120

Available in May 2022.

Dasher's Single Antler - £100

Vixen's Single Antler - £40

Cozmo's Single Antler - £40

Dizzy's Antlers - £200

From the same Reindeer, but from different years, one is from 2020 and the other is from 2021.

Holly's Single Antler 2021- SOLD

Holly's Single Antler 2020 - SOLD

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