Somerset Reindeer


Solstice Storytelling Circle and Somerset Reindeer Ranch present three days of sacred community devoted to Elen of the Ways.

5pm 20th Sept to 12 midday 22nd Sept COST: £350pp

You are invited to a nurturing and magical three day, two night, camp, where we will connect with the antlered goddess through ceremony, storytelling, crafts, ritual and conversation. As a group, we will explore mythology surrounding deer and the elusive figure of Elen of the Ways.

We will learn about the wild deer which we share this land with and also learn about reindeer, which became extinct in the wild in Britain around 800 years ago, although they remain here in managed herds. As part of our camp, we will have an up close encounter with the reindeer who live at Somerset Reindeer Ranch.

The camp will include:

-Night ritual
-Guided journey
-Crafting antler talismans
-Real reindeer experience
-Drum healing -Pledges to Elen
-Storytelling round the fire
-Tribe feast 

Your ticket includes light meals and the 'tribe feast' which we will prepare together on Saturday night. As much as possible, will be eating locally grown food, purchased direct from the farmers. A grass camping pitch will also be provided, where you can put up your own tent. For anyone who prefers a more luxurious camping experience, Somerset Reindeer Ranch do have some gorgeous glamping pitches, which can be booked separately. It also includes all of the activities listed above. The antler talismans we will be crafting will be made from naturally shed antler, grown by the magnificent deer we will be camping alongside. This camp is  for any folk who have felt the call of the antlered goddess, people who are captivated by the magnificence of deer and those who want to immerse themselves in a safe space which nourishes their spirituality.

Helen is a folklorist, oral storyteller, author, editor of Witch Magazine and pagan speaker. She has trained in shamanic healing at the Bridget Healing Centre in Glastonbury and learnt about working with the sacred deer spirit during the Honouring the Deer course on Dartmoor. 
Having previously worked as a park ranger, she has spent many years alongside deer, and is fascinated by their enigmatic role within culture, myth and spirituality. 
She has spoken at the Mercian Gathering, A Festival for Pagans and Witches, Burning Woman Festival, the Salem Festival of Witchcraft and Folklore, the Black Shuck Festival, the Sacred Activism Summit: Co-Creating the Emerging World and more.
Alongside Oak, Helen runs Solstice Storytelling Circle, and brings lively, interactive folktales to festivals and events across the country. She is looking forward to leading ceremony and guiding drum journeys around the fire.

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